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Available in a range of capability levels, sustainability dashboards give consumers real-time feedback and control of their home's energy in Jacksonville. Read on the following article to learn more information.

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Energy Management Systems

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If you’ve ever driven a Toyota Prius hybrid, you know the car’s dashboard includes a monitor that displays which power source is operating and how many miles per gallon you’re getting. The functionality has spawned a practice called “hypermiling,” in which drivers squeeze every little bit of fuel efficiency out of their cars by making adjustments to the way they drive.

Now homeowners can do the same thing. An array of manufacturers offer residential energy monitoring and management systems that serve much the same purpose. These “dashboards” give feedback that homeowners can use to maximize a house’s energy and resource efficiency, and help your homes live up to their performance expectations. And some manufacturers are adding even more advanced features that will help them monitor and control the sources and use of resources.

At the most basic level, energy monitors provide a simple readout of the total amount of energy the home is using, often by attaching a sensor to the electric meter that sends a wireless signal to the in-home display. The monitors may show the dollar cost of the electricity based on electric rates that the user enters or may let users monitor energy usage by day or time.

Research has shown that even such basic feedback can lead to savings.

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