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This article provides you advices on how to strength your own business. Read on and you will learn more about what makes a great CEO.

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Strengthen Your Business

It was a turbulent flight from homemaker to company chairman, a title she prefers over chairwoman. But Boyle, now 84, ultimately managed to build Columbia Sportswear into a $1 billion company and leader in skiwear sales.

Here's are seven ways Boyle says you can muster strength and build your own business.

1. “You never get yesterday back. So do better tomorrow and trust your instincts.”

2. “Self-examination is better than criticism, and the success of a business sometimes lies in the faults of the person who is running it.”

3. “Remember the employees and businesses that cut you some slack during rough patches. These relationships will be some of your best assets in the future.”

4. “You try to get advice from a person who thinks like you do and the person who has the most experience in the field that you are doing business in.”

5. “You have to realize that in some areas experience is a better teacher than instinct.”

6. On setting goals: “You always strive for the top, and your goals are to be the best.”

7. On the importance of doing charity work for organizations such as the Special Olympics: “I think it’s very important because those athletes and those who are disadvantaged didn’t ask to come into the world like that. It is very rewarding and lets you realize how minute your problems are compared to those that others have.”


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